“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
– Frances Hodgson Burnett
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At Watershed, we love for our clients to come in to our center for in-person counseling because we feel face-to-face interaction is more personable and can be more effective. But sometimes it is not feasible. For those that live far away or may not be feeling so well the day of their session, or they simply prefer to see their counselor virtually, we are available for video sessions using our confidential virtual platform to conduct secure video therapy sessions with our clients. 

Telehealth can be a great alternative to in-person visits for anyone in the state of Texas. Online sessions are perfect for our young adult clients that go off to college, as long as they are still in Texas. Our counselors are only licensed in the state of Texas. Telehealth is also good for those with busy, demanding, or fluctuating schedules, and those too far away to drive to the office. Having your session online removes the travel time from your appointment while still providing you with the same quality of care our clients deserve.

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How does Telehealth work?

All our counselors are available for Telehealth services. Once we match you with one of our counselors, we will schedule your first session and send you the Intake paperwork for you to complete. After an initial, in-person intake session to get to know your counselor, you will be emailed a secure link that connects you directly to your Telehealth session. You do not have to download any applications – all you need to join your Teleheath session is your scheduled appointment, a secure internet connection, and the individualized link from your counselor. You can then join your session from anywhere using your laptop, computer, or phone.

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